Our Pricing Policy

By outsourcing your web development and other IT projects to GnG Group you will save more than 50% on your project costs.

Fixed Price/ Fixed Time Approach

Usually the customer is asked to fill in a Request for Quotation form, providing a detailed project description. An assigned GnG Group project manager elaborates and clarifies project details with the customer by e-mail/online chat or phone.
Upon completing a specification that is agreeable to both sides, GnG Group will provide the required budget and time frame. When the customer agrees to the created project estimate and working plan, the project implementation phase will begin.
This approach is preferable for closely specified - fixed projects that require minimum involvement from the customer's team.

Time and Material Approach / Hourly Price

This is the scheme of collaboration in which GnG Group development, design, and testing staff work as a virtual extension of the customer's team. In other words, we provide the client with a fixed work resource for a fixed payment. Usually the client will assign tasks to be fulfilled by the resources we provide. As a rule, the customer receives a regular report on the work being done.
This approach is preferable for relatively large projects with continuously changing specifications, and for projects that require project management from the client's team. This is also preferable for back office operation contracts.
We believe that the best way to gain a firm level of confidence and get acquainted with our approach is to provide a small pilot project for Customer that could be performed at a discounted charge.

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